Traveling shouldn’t be limited to people who are fit and healthy – even those who have disabilities have the right to explore the world just like everybody else.

If you’re looking for an adventure travel fit for a traveler with disabilities, then taking part in the programs of the Zeno Mountain Farm should be considered. Here, you’d be given a chance to choose from various themes, such as art, filmmaking, music, theatre, high challenge sport and most of all, adventure travel.

Whether you have disabilities or not, Americans and Guatemalans are brought together in Santiago, Guatemala to take part in traveling the country as well as cooperating in creative arts and sports. Learn more about this program in this video, in which the user shares,

Each camp has a theme that helps to focus and unify the group… Annual camps are the catalyst for lifelong friendships between people with and without disabilities… We gather year after year to be creative, thoughtful, outrageous, present, and to create a world unlike any other. We always tell people who want to know what camp is all about to “just come visit!”

So contact us now to get started with your next adventure in Guatemala!

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