Get a glimpse of Australia’s southern central area through our featured travel vid of the day.

Including some of the continent’s most arid areas, the state of South Australia may not be as touristy as the other destinations in the country, but its animated culture, laidback lifestyle, first-rate wine, natural ambience and wonderful denizens are what draws travelers to its territory.

Get a good look of South Australia as a southern Safari in this part of the world by viewing this clip shot by Michael Fletcher, who further says,

With an informed decision I can honestly say that this trip is equally as enjoyable as all the others I have done. The diverse range of landscapes made for a captivating backdrop as we cruised the Southern Ocean eating some of the best food I have eaten on the True North, all which was sourced from the local area. Things like 55cm long King George Whiting, Southern Blue Fin Tuna, Coffin Bay Oysters, and Pink Snapper to name a few… I felt like we were on some great oceanic expedition to discover new colonies of rare fur seals on dramatic, rugged, windswept islands. It really feels like you are exploring islands off Antarctica but in reality you not even 40 miles from the South Australian coastline.

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