See the attractiveness of the regional capital of Sardinia.

Located on Sardinia island is the old city of Cagliari, a historical Italian metro that has now become one of the must-visit destinations in the country. Aside from touring the city, the beaches are the next thing that you ought to check out, particularly that of Poetto as well as the nearby strips in Villasimius, Maddalena Beach and Chia.

Nonetheless, see more of Cagliari’s urban center in this charming clip uploaded by Fran Bay, who describes this city as:

--a city with soul… Incredible panoramas overlooking the sea and narrow little streets at the districts Castello, Villanova and Marina… This is my personal view of the city I grew up in and where I recently moved back after long long time… It's been nice wandering around at any day / hours and discovering details and spots unseen before… Art, nature and landscapes, culture and traditions make Cagliari a true pearl in the Mediterranean sea… Come visit us and see it for yourself

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