When you’re in Hawaii, don’t simply stick to the safe sandy coastlines of the island. Try other water sport and adventures off the coast!



One of the biggest islands in Hawaii, Oahu also takes pride in a good number of water activities.
From kayaking the Mokulua Islands from the Windward side to view the most diverse birds in their sanctuary to extreme water sports like body boarding, windsurfing and surfing on the Kailua Beach, North Shore and Waikiki bay, there sure are a lot of activities waiting in Oahu.
Nonetheless, the best activity of all is to witness the marine wildlife, comprising of various tropical fish, whales, turtles, dolphins and colorful coral reefs, through snorkeling and diving.
Take a glimpse of Aaron Philips’ three-minute clip, and see the wonders of the underwater world in Oahu!

So start planning your trip to Oahu today!


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