Start your shopping spree at one of Vienna’s most prominent shopping haven!

Graben, Austria


Vienna is one of the best cities in Austria where you can definitely shop till you drop. So if you’re planning to get a nice travel memento before you head your way back home, it’s recommended that you continue reading about this metro’s shopping districts.

Read on to learn more about the top shopping venues in Vienna.

1. Schleifmuhlgasse
First and foremost, collectors of fine arts will find a great array of art galleries in Austria, particularly in its city center and in district four’s Schleifmuhlgasse, which specifically offers other types of stores as well.

2. Graben
Located in the first district of Vienna, Austria, the street of Der Graben is lined with numerous shops and stores and is known as the city’s major shopping venue. Aside from the extraordinary architectures and designs of the buildings that line up on Der Graben, shopaholics will surely get dizzy from the many jewelry shops, cafes, souvenir stores and clothing boutiques that abound along the length of this prominent street.

3. Karntnerstrasse

Whether you plan to spend the entire day window shopping or purchasing all the lovely things you get your hands to, there’s no way that you should miss Karntnerstrasse in Vienna’s city centre. It’s in here where you’ll spot the Popp & Kretschmer, a great place to buy discounted Viennese bronzes and glamorous ball gowns, as well as Osterreichische Werkstatten, which is a merchant of Austrian crafts and arts merchandise.

On the whole, you’ll experience a great shopping spree in Vienna if you just visit Schleifmuhlgasse, Graben and Karntnerstrasse!

Start planning for your next shopping extravaganza in the overseas today!

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