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Negril Beach


Found at the center of the bush is Geejam’s independent villa, deluxe cabins and suite, all of which are further made more comfortable with the incorporation of the Gym and Bushbar, an art Recording Studio, a Sanwood pool as well as a Healing Spa.

Be prepared to step into the world of heavenly natural beauty, and don’t hesitate to hang out at the Bushbar, in particular, wherein you’ll meet a general intonation technique of reinvention, restoration and relaxation.

Get more info on this Jamaican hotel, wherein you’ll be treated to cutting-edge technology and essential elegance of a real island setting, in this travel post excerpt written by NY Times Travel writer Elaine Glusac (“7 Hotels that Sell More than Sun”)

The music-producer-turned-hotelier Jon Baker opened Geejam as a recording studio used by bands like No Doubt and expanded it into a five-room hotel in 2007. Now he’s opening two additional hotels (both renovations of existing properties) and a beach club with a botanical garden and restaurant along the craggy coast, all roughly 10 minutes apart by car. The first hotel, the Trident, is set to open next month with plunge pools and outdoor baths in most of its 13 rooms. Nearby a lavish whitewashed estate known as the Castle will house eight rooms and a guests-only restaurant. In April, Mr. Baker and his partners are opening a restaurant and botanic garden at the Blue Lagoon, a well-known swimming hole.

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