Do you love Astronomy? View the constellations and get an up close view of planets, galaxies, star clusters and a nebula through a giant powerful telescope at Evening Sky Tours in Sedona, Arizona.

See Constellations, Planets and Galaxies on an Evening Sky Tour
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Join an Evening Sky Tour with Sedona Star Gazing in Sedona, Arizona for an unparalleled tour through space. Using a powerful telescope, Sedona Star Gazing guides will give you a close up look at some of the solar system's most amazing objects. From Saturn's rings, to the fabulous Milky Way, you will see things on your Evening Sky Tour you never imagined you'd be able to see first-hand. 

After you book your tour with Sedona Star Gazing, you will be provided with coordinates to a dark location 15-20 minutes outside of Sedona. When you arrive you can take a seat and get warm under the provided blankets while your guide uses a laser pointer to give you a tour through the sky. One of the astronomers will then let you look through the powerful telescope to view a minimum of 6 objects in the night sky. While the actual list changes throughout the year with the sky, you can expect to see planets, nebulas, star clusters, Earth's moon, or even a certain passing Space Station. Group sizes are kept small for a truly personal experience, and tours are almost always sold out so booking in advance is recommended.

The Evening Sky Tour with Sedona Star Gazing has been covered by National Geographic and The New York Times, and was voted the "Best Thing to do in Sedona". If you have always wanted to see space close-up, be sure and head to Sedona for this amazing tour through our solar system. 

To book your Evening Sky Tour with Sedona Star Gazing, give us a call today. 

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