Most of the activities causing all the traffic in Murray River is usually for leisure. Learn more about this here.

Sail Along Murray River, and Enjoy the Longest River in Australia

A lot of modest private boats sailing along the length of Australia’s Murray River usually luxuriate in recreational activities like fishing and water skiing, and if these are not enough to save you from boredom, you could hire one of the pretty houseboats that abound along the river so that you could experience a different R&R with nature right in your doorstep.

Aside from choosing a nice paddle steamer to take you to a relaxing cruise along the Murray River for as short as 30 minutes to as long as five days, Daily Mail UK Travel contributor Ruth Styles chose to take her family to one of the new, well-equipped boats for two and a half days (“Sailing Down the Mighty Murray: Wildlife Adventures on Australia’s Greatest River”).

Here’s a quick snippet of her lovely travel article:

A 10-berth flat bottomed boat, the Kanadah comes complete with a huge sitting area, a kitchen with all the essentials including a dishwasher; an upstairs sundeck and a small solar panel. Glass paneled walls let the sunshine in, while out at the back, the swim deck comes with child safety rails and a ladder leading down to the honey-colored water… The next morning, everyone – my 80-year-old grandmother included – goes for a dip in the river. Despite the 35 degree heat, it is bracing to say the least and none of us lasts more than 10 minutes, but still it is one of the nicest swims I’ve ever had… After a sunny breakfast on deck, we chug off passing asperous red cliffs peppered with tiny shrubs and twiggy pelicans’ nests. Tiny red-backed kingfishers sweep low over the river in search of a meal, while flocks of grey parrots with fluorescent pink bellies squawk grumpily from the treetops.

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