Confused on what smartphone camera application to select during your globetrotting trip? Then this post will be of great help!

Remarkable Smartphone Camera Applications for Traveling

If you further want to make your friends die in envy with that Caribbean trip you’re having over the weekend, then you’d certainly want them to get them even more jealous with the amazing photos that you’ve taken. You don’t need to become a professional photographer just so you could do this as remarkable smartphone camera applications are now introduced and targeted to travelers like you.

So if you want to take greatly-exposed and sharper photos and desire to do this the fastest way, then you certainly would want to use what veteran travel journalist Peter Greenberg is using during his travels. Here’s an excerpt of his travel tips:

--from the folks who created the photo sharing site Smug Mug, there’s a free app called Camera Awesome. It takes great pictures and also location tags the images, as well as uploading them to a number of online platforms. It even has editing software built in, so you can adjust features like sharpness and contrast—or as they call it…awesomizing the photo. You can’t make this stuff up.

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