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National Treasure--Beijing Olympic Park


Deemed China's coming-out party, the 2008 Olympic Games placed Beijing in the world spotlight, and the city put on the most remarkable Olympic-display to date.

 Beijing carved out huge tracts of land to construct this international stage. The excitement has since passed, and the park and some of its facilities have been repurposed for public use. The surviving structures include the National Stadium (or the "Bird's Nest"), the National Aquatic Center (or the "Water Cube"), and the Olympic Forest Park. New buildings, like the National Convention Center, have changed the park's landscape. With the 2008 Olympic still stuck in their minds, travelers enjoy making the pilgrimage to Olympic Park. During the day, you'll frequently find locals flying kites.

Most travelers take subway Line 8 to either the Olympic Green or Olympic Sports Center stops. You can stroll through the park for free, but admission to the buildings will cost you. Each facility operates on its own schedule and charges different entry fees.

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