Camping in US national parks should be fun, but this doesn’t mean that you could always steer clear of trouble, such as that caused by bears.

American Black Bear



Staying safe from bears is a greater priority than having fun, most especially if you camp in the national parks of the American High Sierra.
So make sure you keep in mind the following pieces of advice on how you and your loved ones could stay safe from bears at American National Parks.
* If you’re bringing your own food, don’t forget to properly and securely store them in a tight container, and don’t leave them inside your vehicle.
* When in national parks, the golden rule “Don’t feed the animals” ALWAYS applies.
In the event you encounter a bear, follow the tips below:
* Never run. This may bring out a bear’s chase response.
* Make sure to not obstruct an escape path for the bear. Gradually move away from the route as slowly as possible. 
* You can make your group appears bigger by crowding together. Don’t forget to hold back your pets and to firmly hold your youngsters.
* Ensure that you’re not getting between a female bear and her cubs. Assess if her babies are up in a tree in close proximity.
* Don’t hang around too long.
On the whole, it is of extreme importance to always stay safe when camping or touring a national park in the US.

So start planning a safe trip as soon as possible!

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