If you’ve got a penchant for Asian treasures and trinkets, then dropping by at a Chinese arts and crafts store on Grant Avenue should be taken into account.

A Modern Chinese Dress


From lovely pieces of furniture, sophisticated jewelry, soft cushions and silky beddings to Chinese clothes, Asian and modern home decorations, linen and silk accessories to various Chinese chopsticks and kitchenware, you won’t be disappointed when you visit San Francisco’s very own The Canton Bazaar.

Find out more about this lovely shop, and get Chinese-inspired souvenirs without going to Asia just by shopping at The Canton Bazaar in San Francisco. Here’s a quick review that travel website Frommer’s posted about this unique store:

Amid a wide variety of handicrafts, here you'll find an excellent selection of rosewood and carved furniture, cloisonné enamelware, porcelain, carved jade, embroideries, jewelry, and antiques from mainland China. Open daily until 10pm.

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