Sometimes the best of travel attractions lies on the rural areas, most especially if you’re thinking about New Zealand.

Get a Closer Look of the Lord of the Rings’ Movie Set at Matamata

If you’re a Lord of the Rings (LOTR) diehard fan, then you may know by now that all three films were shot in the rurals of New Zealand, and while many movie sets have been long forgotten after these have made billions of dollars on the big screen, it’s fortunately another story with LOTR.

This wonderful film was shot in a New Zealand rural town, named Matamata, wherein a particular farm, now called the Hobbiton, became a lasting memento of the epic movie that LOTR has become as well as a great opportunity for both movie and book fans to take witness of the set where all the magic has begun.

NY Times Travel writers, Brooks Barnes and Michael Cieply, have seen for themselves the wonders of Hobbiton, most especially the pretty colorful Hobbit holes that stimulated the minds of many readers and film-goers  of LOTR(“New Zealand’s Hobbit Trail”).

Here’s an excerpt of their recent travel to Matamata as they described what’s in store for travelers in this town, most particularly in Hobbiton:

Once you arrive in Matamata you’ll find a few older, no-frills motels and a smattering of bed-and-breakfasts catering to Hobbit visitors, including the new Chestnut Lane Cottage, where the charming owners greeted us with warm scones slathered in orange jam and whipped cream. In terms of restaurants, there is the homey yet stylish Redoubt Bar & Eatery, but this is a fundamentally provincial place. The local newspaper prominently reports soil temperatures, and businesses are practical, like Boltholder Limited, “specialists in bolts and nuts”… New features include a pub, more Hobbit homes, an electric fence to keep out the sheep and a gift shop offering high-end collectibles (magic cloaks, 900 New Zealand dollars, about $760 at 1.18 New Zealand dollars to the United States dollar).

So contact us now to get started with your next tour in Matamata!

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