Food - specifically Thai cooking - should be one of the highlights of any visit to Bangkok. There are thousands of restaurants to choose from, but if you don't try Bangkok's street food, cooked to order, usually over a fierce flame in a wok, you are missing out.

Explore the Street Food of Bangkok, Thailand
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Eating Thai street food is one of the best experiences in Bangkok. It’s hard not to find a street corner with a row of carts lined up dishing up meals like noodle soup, BBQ pork, fish cakes and delicious curries.Is your mouth watering as yet? The good news is that eating street food has many benefits to you as a traveller  – it’s generally safe (you can see what’s being cooked and it’s fresh), you get to interact with the locals, It’s authentic, delicious and the best way to give back to the local economy.

Walk along Silom Road, being the central business district of Bangkok there are a lot of people, hungry people wanting a quick meal in between office hours. That means you’ll find a lot of street food options.

Or eat the well-known in Thailand as phad thai. This fried noodle recipe originates from an attempt by a nationalist Thai leader in the 1940s to give noodles - a Chinese import - a more 'Thai' flavour, by holding a competition. Phad thai was the result. Or visit Somsong Pochana, near the Chaophraya River, which is renowned for its Sukhothai noodles.These are thin rice noodles, in a pork broth sweetened with palm sugar, tamarind, slices of pork, crunchy green beans, topped with peanuts. 

You can't leave Bangkok without eating Som Tam, the fiery salad of grated, green papaya from Thailand's north-east. The papaya is pounded with raw garlic, chillies, fish sauce, lime juice, and small tomatoes, and for an especially pungent flavour, a raw, fresh-water crab is thrown into the mix. Eat with small baskets of sticky rice.  Also you must try fishballs; light yet tasty, delightfully melt-in-the-mouth but not soggy. They’re loaded with fish without being overly pungent and go beautifully with the noodles. 

So remember to explore the streets of Bangkok for tasty, traditional food. 

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