Make your tablet into an instant photo and video viewer with a clever creation from Apple.

Conveniently Transfer Your Camera Files to Your iPad

If you’re willing to shell out almost half a hundred bucks just so you could transfer your photos and videos from your camera to your iPad, then the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit is the right travel gadget for you. Files from your USB stick or your camera’s SD card allows you to copy photos in standard formats, such as RAW and JPEG, as well as HD and SD video formats like MPEG-4 and H.264 directly into your iPad.

Check out this review written by’s Editor-in-Chief, Jeremy Horwitz:

Importing images and videos from your camera is as easy as selecting one of those options, watching as each blue check on a thumbnail becomes a spinning progress wheel, and then a green check, moving on to the next image—generally but not always in sequence. JPEG-format images are typically imported without any issues, as are certain .MOV-format videos, specifically 640x480 and smaller files that come off of many but not all point-and-shoot cameras. (More details on compatibility are discussed in the next section of this review.) During the import process, Photos creates “Last Import” and “All Imported” albums, enabling you to quickly see your most recently transferred files and all of the transferred files. When you individually look at the pictures, a new Rotate button lets you change the orientation in 90-degree steps to make sure that pictures from cameras without orientation sensors—or with occasionally faulty ones—appear correctly on your iPad’s screen.

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