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Situated in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest is the breathtaking Guler Ice Caves, wherein it doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or expert spelunker as this Washington travel attraction is open to all travelers whatever their caving skill may be. So get a good look at the volcanic history of this region through the amazing ice formations at the Guler Ice Caves by viewing this video uploaded by the Uncage the Soul Productions.

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Bahamas Freeport



Comprised of more than 360 cays and islands, Exuma is acknowledged to be one of the most popular districts in Bahamas, and it is in one of its cays where favorite water-based recreational activities, such as cave exploring, yachting, snorkeling, sailing and diving, are enjoyed.
While there are still a good number of coves and beaches left unexplored in this Bahamian district as they remain to be under the Exuma National Land and Sea Park protection, you’ll still have the chance to get a nice and relaxing vacation in one of its cays, where upmarket resorts are strategically built.
Daily Mail UK Travel celebrity contributor Spencer Matthews particularly spent an all-inclusive vacation in the Great Exuma, specifically at the luxurious Sandals Emerald Bay (“How Made in Chelsea’s Spencer Matthews Found Love at First Sight in the Bahamas”). Below is an excerpt of his unforgettable holiday trip to the Bahamas:
On those days I discovered the absolute charm of our surroundings. Having spent a lot of time in the Caribbean I have been lucky enough to have lived among white sand beaches and turquoise seas, but nothing can really compare to the seas of Exuma… It was unbelievable, and the water was so shallow and calm, there's no wake whatsoever, which definitely made jet-skiing all the more fun. I went really fast, and close to the shore, too. Swimming with sharks was another thing I'll never forget. 

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Located close to the Hekla volcano is the Landmannalaugar region, which has become a well-like travel destination due to its hiking activities.
Aside from taking witness to huge lava fields, multihued rhyolite hills and other odd yet fascinating geological elements, you’ll also appreciate the many colors of the mountains that envelope the region, examples of which are white, pink, black, brown, purple, green, blue and yellow. See more of this Icelandic destination, and see Scientifantastic shooting the Landmannalaugar time-lapse.

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Negril Beach


Found at the center of the bush is Geejam’s independent villa, deluxe cabins and suite, all of which are further made more comfortable with the incorporation of the Gym and Bushbar, an art Recording Studio, a Sanwood pool as well as a Healing Spa.

Be prepared to step into the world of heavenly natural beauty, and don’t hesitate to hang out at the Bushbar, in particular, wherein you’ll meet a general intonation technique of reinvention, restoration and relaxation.

Get more info on this Jamaican hotel, wherein you’ll be treated to cutting-edge technology and essential elegance of a real island setting, in this travel post excerpt written by NY Times Travel writer Elaine Glusac (“7 Hotels that Sell More than Sun”)

The music-producer-turned-hotelier Jon Baker opened Geejam as a recording studio used by bands like No Doubt and expanded it into a five-room hotel in 2007. Now he’s opening two additional hotels (both renovations of existing properties) and a beach club with a botanical garden and restaurant along the craggy coast, all roughly 10 minutes apart by car. The first hotel, the Trident, is set to open next month with plunge pools and outdoor baths in most of its 13 rooms. Nearby a lavish whitewashed estate known as the Castle will house eight rooms and a guests-only restaurant. In April, Mr. Baker and his partners are opening a restaurant and botanic garden at the Blue Lagoon, a well-known swimming hole.

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A Modern Chinese Dress


From lovely pieces of furniture, sophisticated jewelry, soft cushions and silky beddings to Chinese clothes, Asian and modern home decorations, linen and silk accessories to various Chinese chopsticks and kitchenware, you won’t be disappointed when you visit San Francisco’s very own The Canton Bazaar.

Find out more about this lovely shop, and get Chinese-inspired souvenirs without going to Asia just by shopping at The Canton Bazaar in San Francisco. Here’s a quick review that travel website Frommer’s posted about this unique store:

Amid a wide variety of handicrafts, here you'll find an excellent selection of rosewood and carved furniture, cloisonné enamelware, porcelain, carved jade, embroideries, jewelry, and antiques from mainland China. Open daily until 10pm.

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Graben, Austria


Vienna is one of the best cities in Austria where you can definitely shop till you drop. So if you’re planning to get a nice travel memento before you head your way back home, it’s recommended that you continue reading about this metro’s shopping districts.

Read on to learn more about the top shopping venues in Vienna.

1. Schleifmuhlgasse
First and foremost, collectors of fine arts will find a great array of art galleries in Austria, particularly in its city center and in district four’s Schleifmuhlgasse, which specifically offers other types of stores as well.

2. Graben
Located in the first district of Vienna, Austria, the street of Der Graben is lined with numerous shops and stores and is known as the city’s major shopping venue. Aside from the extraordinary architectures and designs of the buildings that line up on Der Graben, shopaholics will surely get dizzy from the many jewelry shops, cafes, souvenir stores and clothing boutiques that abound along the length of this prominent street.

3. Karntnerstrasse

Whether you plan to spend the entire day window shopping or purchasing all the lovely things you get your hands to, there’s no way that you should miss Karntnerstrasse in Vienna’s city centre. It’s in here where you’ll spot the Popp & Kretschmer, a great place to buy discounted Viennese bronzes and glamorous ball gowns, as well as Osterreichische Werkstatten, which is a merchant of Austrian crafts and arts merchandise.

On the whole, you’ll experience a great shopping spree in Vienna if you just visit Schleifmuhlgasse, Graben and Karntnerstrasse!

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Maryland Avenue, Washington


If you’re clever enough to book a hotel nearby the famous tourist spots in the city, then one option you’d be considering is the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Washington DC. For less than half a thousand dollars, you’d be thankful that your hotel is just a few minutes away from the places that you ought to be visiting during your stay in the district.

Learn more about the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Washing DC in its overview below:

Grand elegance within walking distance of the nation’s most cherished monuments, Capitol Hill, and the revered museums of the Smithsonian Institution. Ranked by Institutional Investor magazine as one of the top 100 hotels in the world, Mandarin Oriental, Washington DC creates memorable experiences for any traveler to the most powerful city in the world.

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There are a number of train companies that operate in Penn Station, which is originally known as the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR). You can ride a train here to get to Baltimore, and one particular line that serves transportation to this city is Amtrak, which also drops passengers off at the BWI airport. In addition, for $1.60, you can already get around the city by catching a MARC train at the Penn Station and get to several areas, such as Washington D.C., West Virginia, Maryland and Martinsburg, and Frederick.

Watch this creative video shot at the Penn Station in Baltimore by Drury Bynum.

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From expansive communities to immeasurable, unpopulated natural regions, America has got it all. Without a single doubt, this North American country has played an important part in the emergence of cultural landscapes of the world that it has become renowned for its innumerable travel attractions.

So take a peek at Mount Airy Films’ time-lapse clip, in which he outstandingly presents the “the natural and man made wonders of the United States”.

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Aside from its active volcanoes, balmy weather and biological diversity, Nicaragua is also home to the sickest surfing spots in the continent. Visit San Juan del Sur, in particular, as it is now one of the top surfing destinations in the country, even rated as one of the top five surfing spots in the globe.

Watch a Nicaraguan surfing sample in Ryan’s clip, and you’ll be surely tempted to check out the country’s Southern Pacific Coast!


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If you’re planning a camping trip along the beach and you would like to park your RV or pitch your tent in safe beach camping parks, then the shores along the Gulf of Mexico are excellent destinations for you!

You can enjoy watching millions of stars at night by camping at the 5-star Wales West RV Resort, where an indoor pool and Jacuzzi wait for you or you could get let the sound of waves lull you to sleep as you park your RV at the Lazy Lake RV Park.

Whichever part of the Gulf of Mexico you’re planning to camp, you can get helpful tips from this video prepared by Long, Long Honeymoon, in which the users, share,

Here's an entry in our Airstream travel blog. Not unlike Desi & Lucy in "The Long, Long Trailer," we honeymooned in our travel trailer! We’ve traveled the continent, and pledged to keep honeymooning. In this episode, we camp on the Gulf of Mexico.

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Hanging Lake, Colorado


Colorado presents a wide array of activities set for every type of traveller.

Formed by its ancient and historic past, its rich history and landmarks are waiting for you.

So whether you are visiting Colorado with your buddies, with your family or just by yourself, the possibilities in this region are simply endless.  Here is a list of what you can do in Colorado.

  • Attractions

From natural hot springs, world-class ski resorts and family attractions, such as museums, botanical gardens, the Denver Zoo and parks, to monuments and historic tours and gold mines, a lot of interesting places are indeed waiting for you all over Colorado.

  • The Beauty of Nature

A look at the 25 scenic and historic byways, the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, national forests, wildflower as well as the majestic Rocky Mountain National Park would make 3 days not enough for a vacation in Colorado.

  • Food

Dining and restaurants, wine and wineries and tasty beers in breweries are also interesting options in Colorado.  

  • Adventure Sports

Choices include horseback riding, hunting, rafting, rock climbing, dogsledding, paragliding and ballooning, among others

  • The Outdoors

Count in snow tubing and sledding, snowshoeing, wildlife viewing, golfing, camping, fishing and boating.  Need we say more?

  • Heritage

The historic past comes alive through visits to archaeological sites, historic byroads, which are scenic as well, train tours, factory as well as mine tours.

  • Arts and Culture

Year-round options for arts and culture include music festivals, dance and cultural events, theatre arts performances and art festivals.

Whether you are there during the summer months, the cold winter season, waking up to the autumn colours or the awesome spring time, there is absolutely so much to see and do in Colorado.

By now, you already have a clear picture of a great Colorado adventure, so don’t forget to bring your camera when you’re there!

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Nepal has always been famous because of it being a starting point to Mt. Everest, and while its wealth of geographical features primarily centers on the mountainous regions in its northern part, a lot of people are not aware of the real situation in this country.

Aside from possessing eight out of the ten tallest peaks in the entire world, there is apparently more to Nepal than its  scenic mountains. Learn more about this by watching Andre Chang-Fane’s video, in which he shares,


A traveler's solo Journey to the Mt Everest Base Camp, featuring the many issues Nepal faces with poverty, environmental and political.

So make a difference and start planning your next trip to Nepal today!