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How To Travel Across Australia On A Budget Australia is one of the world's truly great travel destinations and with millions of annual visitors it is also one of the most popular. But traveling to and through the land down under can get expensive very quickly. Therefore it is a good idea to keep some tips in minds if you plan on heading to Australia but don't have a lot of money to spend. read more
Experience The Excitement Of Hang Gliding in Rio De Janeiro There is no place in the world quite like Rio de Janeiro in the South American country of Brazil and there is no experience quite as exciting as hang gliding. And when you combine the two, well hang gliding in Rio de Janeiro is an experience that simply cannot be matched. read more
Great Things To Do In The Twin Cities The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul see more than fourteen million annual visitors. But what do all of those millions of tourists do during their time in the Twin Cities? There are countless answers to that question but this article lists some of the more popular ones. read more
Some Of The Best Reasons To Visit Hong Kong Hong Kong, China is one of those vacation destinations that most people aspire to visit at some point in their life but aren't really sure why. They've heard good things and seen some interesting photos but they really don't know what's there or what kinds of things there are for tourists to do. For those who have struggled to justify a trip to this amazing part of the Pacific Rim, this article is for you. read more
Jamaica's most remarkable natural wonders Jamaica is perhaps more known for its world beating athletes such as Usain Bolt and Sheri Ann Fraser and Reggae music Maestros such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Joseph Hill and Burning Spear. However, did you know that it is also a country that has abundance of natural wonders that keep tourists engaged throughout their stay in Jamaica? Perhaps to put this in context, you need to know where the word Jamaica came from. The native dwellers of Jamaica, the Taino, called this Caribbean Sea Island the xaymaca, which is translated as the ‘land of Water and Wood’, or, ‘Land of Springs’. Below are a few of its most remarkable natural wonders. read more
A case for Voluntourism Voluntourism is a contemporary tourism concept that has helped many people travel to destinations they would otherwise not afford. It involves a-would-be-tourist volunteering his/her services to a tour company or a tour group for free and in return, he/she will get a chance to visit all the places that the group will go. read more
The Best Food in Thailand If you plan on travelling to Thailand anytime soon and have never been there before, you are in for quite a treat when it comes to the food. read more
Antarctica summer months, the best time to explore. Antarctica is the coldest part of the world in the Southern hemisphere. It is also one part of the world that is least inhabited by humans and other land mammals. For millions of years it has always remained desolate. In fact this is the last of the continents to be discovered by man. The first sighting of these vast continent was done by Russians in 1820. read more
Rejuvenate at Balneario de la Virgen Spa Hotel The design of The Balneario de la Virgen can only be described as beautiful. It is surrounded by lush gardens, terraces and a thermal lake. It is this thermal lake that is responsible for relaxing and rejuvenating guests through its naturally warm spring water. read more
Find Local Fashion on a Brisbane Shopping Tour As a tourist, you will be spoilt for choice on the variety of local brands available as well as where to buy them. Most of the retail businesses in the city are to be found on the Queen Street mall's Winter Garden, Queens Plaza, Queen Adelaide Building, Brisbane Arcade, Broadway on the Mall, and the Myer Center. Among the most popular local brands here include; Easton Pearson, Lindsay Bennet, Chelsea de Luca, Sacha Drake, Paul Hunt and many others. read more
The Great Blue Hole of Belize Belize has the world's second longest coral reef - with an extraordinary natural feature. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth and sometimes is referred to as 'the mother of all caves'. read more
Experience the Aborigines' Culture at Kakadu National Park The world boasts of many UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization) listed World Heritage Centers, but none compares with Kakadu National Park in Australia. The Aborigines, the native Australians, are a peculiar people to read about. At Kakadu National Park, you get to experience their cultures, taboos, traditions, norms, and most importantly religion. However, this is not the only thing you do. The geographical marvels in the park can awe anybody. read more
Take a Sydney Hop-On Hop-Off Tour Mimic this country's famous animal and try one of the city's famous attraction - Sydney's Hop-On Hop-Off tour. read more
What to do in Seychelles? Seychelles seems to have been favored by Mother Nature as they are blessed with exquisite ribbons of white sand beaches, 115 islands scattered in the Indian Ocean, lush hills and huge glacis boulders. read more
Explore the Street Food of Bangkok, Thailand Food - specifically Thai cooking - should be one of the highlights of any visit to Bangkok. There are thousands of restaurants to choose from, but if you don't try Bangkok's street food, cooked to order, usually over a fierce flame in a wok, you are missing out. read more
Explore Barcelona's Gothic District If you are travelling to Europe, then a stop in Spain's well known city to explore its Gothic District should be included in the plans. read more
See the Rock Formation Hippo's Yawn on a Wave Rock Aboriginal Tour Want to see a 15-meter high natural rock formation? Then check out the Wave Rock Aboriginal Tour in Perth, Australia. On this tour visitors will travel through the Western Australia to Wave Rock and stop in historic township of York. read more
Explore a Premium Wine Region on a 2-Day Margaret River Wine Experience Want to see the Margaret River wine region? Then check out the 2-Day Margaret River Wine Experience in Perth, Australia. Visitors will visit several wineries and taste some of the fine vintages, a chocolate factory, cheese factory and a local boutique brewery. read more
Walk Across a Bog on a 1 Day Connemar & Galway Tour Ever want to see the west coast of Ireland? Then check out the 1 Day Connemar & Galway Tour. On this tour visitors will visit Connemara National Park, explore the many different shapes and rock formations, cross one of Ireland's amazing bogs and stroll on the beach. read more
See the Grand Canyon on an Indian Adventure with Skywalk Do you want to see the Grand Canyon from plane? Then check out the Indian Adventure with Skywalk Tour in Arizona. The Indian Adventure with Skywalk tour takes visitors to the western rim of Grand Canyon with a stop at Eagle Point and the SkyWalk Bridge. Here visitors will venture out over the edge 4,000 feet high of Grand Canyon floor supported only by glass and steel. read more
Looking for a unique way to see Barcelona? Then take a GoCar GPS Guided Tour in Barcelona, Spain. This yellow car tour offers visitors the chance to scoot around town visiting sights as the car becomes the tour guide. read more
Enjoy Steel Band Music at Sunset at the Shirley Heights Sunset Party Do you love steel drum music? Then check out the Shirley Heights Sunset Party in Shirley Heights, Antigua. At the Shirley Heights Sunset Party, visitors will experience the most famous view on the beautiful island of Antigua while enjoying the sounds of steel band music. read more
Shop along a Canal at the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market Are you looking for a unique shopping experience? Then check out the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market in Thailand. This tourist-friendly floating market offers visitors the chance to witness a river packed with wooden boats overflowing with fruit and vegetables, which they sell to people standing on land. read more
Have a one of a Kind Hiking Adventure on a Zion Narrows Day Hike Are you looking for a great hiking adventure? Then check out Zion Narrows Day Hike in Zion National Park, Utah. The Zion Narrows Day Hike starts at the Temple of Sinawava where visitors hike up the Riverside Walk trail and then continue hiking right up the river to see some of the best "narrows" sections of the North Fork of the Virgin River. read more
Reach Falls: The Perfect Blend of Comfort, Relaxation and Adventure Are you looking for a relaxing get away? At Reach Falls in Manchioneal, Jamaica visitors can swim in crystal-clear water and take a guided tour of the falls. read more